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Genoa - April 19th, 2020

percorso corrigenova 2020
Family Run Genova Percorso

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I sign up?

    – Online registration on the website Enternow: payment with bank transfer, credit card, Paypal

    – Direct registration at the affiliated stores specified in the regulation.

    – Direct registration at the Stand of the Half Marathon “La Mezza” of Genoa in Piazza De Ferrari at Genoa (Friday April 17th and Saturday April 18th from 10am-8pm)

    Registration closing: Saturday April 18th at 8pm

  • If I'm not a card carrying member, can I participate?

    Half Marathon:

    – Italian and foreign athletes living in Italy can participate if they have the RUNCARD FIDAL (must be requested throught the website The athlete must select this option on the registration form and send a copy of the Runcard Fidal with the original copy of the medical certificate for agonistic activity with expiry date after April 15th, 2018.


    CorriGenova/Family Run:

    The Corri Genova and Family Run are not competitive races, therefore you can participate even if you aren’t a card carrying member or you don’t have a medical certificate.

  • If I live in Genoa, where can I do the medical visit?

    You can go to the Laboratorio Albaro

  • How can I check my registration?
  • When can I download the confirmation letter?

    The confirmation letter is the official document needed to pick-up your bib number. It will be sent just a few days before the race. If for any inconvenience, you do not receive this document, you can still get a copy at the help desk of the bib numbers distribution area.

  • What If I do not receive the confirmation letter?

    You can download it by clicking here and typing in the password field your birth day in this format “ddmmyyyy”

  • Where can I retrieve my race's bib number?

    The bib with the built-in chip and the race pack can be withdrawn on:

    – Saturday April 18th, from 9am-8pm at the stand in Piazza De Ferrari in Genoa

    – Sunday April 19th, from 7am-9am at the stand in Piazza Caricamento in Genoa (Half Marathon) and in Piazza De Ferrari (Corri Genova and Family Run)



  • Can I delegate someone to collect it?

    Yes, giving the person a copy of your identity document, your confirmation letter and a written authorization.

  • At what time will the races begin?

    • Half Marathon: 9:00AM
    • Corri Genova: 9:45AM
    • Family Run: 10:00AM

  • Are the Starting line and Finishing line at the same point?

    Half Marathon: yes, the departure and the arrival are at the Old Port of Genoa.

    Corri Genova: no, the departure is in Piazza De Ferrari and the arrival point at the Old Port of Genoa.

    Family Run: yes, the departure and the arrival are in Piazza De Ferrari.

  • At the end of the race will I get a medal?

    Yes, of course!

  • Pacers?

    Different groups of pacers will help half marathon runners to maintain a constant pace and get to the finish line according to a time established in advance.

    The pacers will be easily recognizable by their clothing an by colored balloons.

    The pacers will be available for the following final times: 1h24′ – 1h30′ – 1h38′ – 1h45′ – 1h50′ – 2h00′ – 2h10′. Choose the group most suited to your needs.

  • I signed up, but now I can't participate. Can I have a reimbursement of my registration fee?

    No, the registration fee is not refundable under no circumstance. You can shift your registration for the next year.

  • Is there a time limit?

    • Half Marathon: the maximum time limit in order to be classified is 3 hours.
    • Corri Genova: the maximum time limit in order to be classified is 1.30 hour.
    • Family Run: no maximum time limit

  • Will there be a bag deposit?

    Yes, in the start/finish area follow the indications.

  • Will there be a dressing area?


  • Will there be a shower service?

    Yes, for men and women, at the pool of the Old Port.

  • At the end of the race can I know my timing?

    If you indicated your mobile number and your e-amil address, at the end of the race you’ll receive a text message with your timing and an email with the rankings of the race.

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