Mezza di Genova

Genoa Half Marathon has been postponed

Because of the moment of crisis that our Country is going through,  the 16th edition of La Mezza di Genova is postponed to a date to be set.
It is a necessary gesture of responsibility: health first of all


This message is addressed to all athletes, fans, families and friends who have animated, supported and helped to grow La Mezza Maratona di Genova for fifteen years.

Because of the health emergency that our Country has had to face, it is with regret, but with the awareness of doing the right thing, that the organization of La Mezza Maratona Internazionale di Genova has decided to cancel the event that should have been held in Genoa on April 19, 2020 and to postpone it to a date to be set.

Please, note that all entries received so far will be considered valid at the time of recovery of the event.

La Mezza Maratona di Genova has worked and invested a lot: it has done it with passion and professionalism. In the past few months, we have designed and put in the pipeline many innovations so that the 16th edition of the city’s most eagerly awaited running race would be an even more intense and engaging experience for our athletes.

We have renewed and implemented the communication, as well as the routes of the International Half Marathon, the CorriGenova and the Family Run.

Metinvest Village in Piazza De Ferrari would be presented to the public in a brand new guise and the medals, an award that we distribute to all participants every year, printed with the effigy of Renzo Piano’s new bridge. A symbol to underline, once again, the indissoluble bond between the Mezza Maratona and the city of Genoa.

A message of hope for the future, which even today, as never before, we must keep in mind. But the appointment’s just postponed. La Mezza Maratona di Genova has a dream: to meet again as soon as possible to run all together in the streets of our city, from the Sopraelevata that glides over the vastness of the sea, to the finish line of the Porto Antico. Here, in the heart of Genoa, where the strength of the Republic was once celebrated, we want to celebrate together again.

La Mezza Maratona di Genova, in these months, has made important investments that have led to great results and would like to thank all the working team, institutions, sponsors and runners from all over the world.

Following the example of Phillipides, who defied the dangers in his desperate race from Marathon to Athens, with the same strength and tenacity La Mezza Maratona di Genova is determined not to stop, but to look to the future with renewed enthusiasm .

Amo l’atletica perché è poesia
Se la notte sogno,
sogno di essere un maratoneta.
(Eugenio Montale)

Let’s keep dreaming…


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